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A professional,

Natural Health Methods

Preserving health capital must become our daily priority, if we want to live with pleasure and have the pleasure of living whatever our age. 

Taking control of our health capital first and foremost involves adopting a healthy lifestyle

who respects simple rules,

make good sense and accessible to all.

Understand the why of your disorders, and learn how to correct them to achieve health. This is the objective shared by the consultant and this healthcare professional .

Your naturopath is above all, a health educator, who will teach you how to safeguard, develop or restore your health capital by natural methods.

Its interventions are primarily aimed at activating, nourishing and strengthening the body's natural self-healing mechanisms rather than eliminating symptoms or directly attacking pathogens.

As the various interviews progress, he seeks to make you aware of: The importance of nutrition, physical exercise and good mental hygiene.

"Wait until the disease appears clinically to treat it,

is to forge arms after declaring war,

dig the well when you are thirsty "


Naturopathie concept also offers through this site ...

Courses, workshops, conferences and the availability of documentation, videos, articles on various topics and varied as the art natural medicine, ecology, and civic duty.


All public site.

The documents reproduced on this site are made available for informational purposes only. These documents can in no case replace the consultation and care provided by a qualified practitioner (doctor, naturopath, hygienist ...) and must therefore never be interpreted as being able to do so.

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