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Trace elements are the catalysts of all the biological functions of our organism, they ensure its balance.
The use of trace elements was applied for the first time by Dr Suter (in 1910) and then developed by Dr Ménétrier (1930). The latter defined its main principles, established a typology of subjects and developed the application of trace elements.
It was Doctor Ménétrier who first codified this therapy.
First, he classified the major types of patients according to their hereditary factors and their family history, their receptivity or resistance to disease, their physical, intellectual and psychological behavior, the disorders to which they are subject in each of the major body functions.
His classification distinguishes four main types of terrain which he called "Diatheses ", to which is added the "maladjustment syndrome" which is not in itself a diathesis and which can either be added to one of 'it already existing, either direct a subject until then healthy towards such or such pathological diathesis on the occasion of any "aggression" (for example physical of microbial or psychic origin).
Then, it determined, on the one hand, the simple or associated trace elements likely to act in a general way on each of these grounds, on the other hand the trace elements which can come into play to reduce certain specific disorders of such or such great function.
Presentation and method of use
Trace elements come in different specialized forms:
- oral solution in 2 ml ampoules , under the name of Oligosol (also in Granions, or with a graduated measuring cup under the name of OligoEssentiel)
- single-dose vials, Microsol 
- sublingual tablets Oligogranul, Oligophytum, Oligostim, and Suboligol
The perlingual route is the usual form of use. Keeping the pure liquid or tablet under the tongue for about two to three minutes allows direct absorption of catalytic ions into the blood.
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