Naturopathie Concept - Laurent FEGE, Educateur de Santé Naturopathe
Let your diet be your first medicine. (Hippocrates)

Minerals, trace elements, etc.
The Path of Aromas with Essential Oils

Infusion, decoction and maceration the plants are there to help you
The benefits of beehive products, honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis
Your eyes are a door open to the soul
Oxygenation, are we all concerned


Water for whom? Why?
The Benefits of Water ...

Our feet are a reflection of our body
Plantar reflexology
Absolute well-being
How to work on your body's moods .

As long as the soul, body and spirit are in harmony, "Nothing can affect us.
Know your biological, acid, alkaline, reduction, oxidation ...
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NCA (Active Nutrition Cell)
Listen to your cells through the 7 CHANBIO ® terrains
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Our body is the projection, in the outside world, of what we are inside
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Nambudripad's  Allergy
Technical Elimination 

Tapas Acupressure Technique


Manual reflex and neuro-cutaneous tissue therapy  

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